PHEWWWW! Lots of things to post about since I’ve been MIA for a few!!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days! I have been busy living my life to the fullest that I can! However, that means I have LOTS to share about!! First things first, I shared a pretty awesome evening with my good friend Nicole and her family!! Shot roullette and a crazy amount of laughter! I woke up the next morning in the GREATEST mood!!

IMG_1022 IMG_1023

Then I found out I can control my TV from my phone! HOW COOL!!!


My next bit of news is a little sad, my baby boy got bit by the neighbors dog. 😦 Had a talk with the owner and hopefully all will be worked out! (just an FYI, if you knowingly have an aggressive dog, dont let it out without supervision!)

IMG_1062my poor baby!!!!

And a few little ducks came by the house 🙂


I made that trip to the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA yesterday and had such a great time! There really is some amazing and beautiful pieces there. I only managed to get through about a third of the museum in a little over an hour! Needless to say I am gonna have to make my way back there!!! yayyyyy! Here are a few pieces I fell in LOVE with!

Here is their webpage, if you are in the area I highly encourage you to go, it is free and very worth the trip!!

photo 5 photo 3 photo 1 IMG_1132 IMG_1109 IMG_1068

FINALLY, I took the ice bucket challenge for ALS, and I also honored a foundation with a cause close to my heart! The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, helping those with mental illnesses. I am trying to figure out where to post it but I will update it as soon as I find out!!!

Ahhhhh well looks like that is it!

Goodnight Y’all!!!! 🙂


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